Fedora 38

Date: Wed 2023-04-19

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Chores and housekeeping.

After deciding to skip Fedora 37, I decided to jump on the Fedora 38 wagon early. It was generally a smooth process, leaving aside the broken GRUB configs. I am getting pretty good at diagnosing boot sequence issues though.

Note to future self: schedule 1 hour of downtime when upgrading the host OS.

A couple weeks ago I also updated my Sourcehut instance. In part it was to mitigate a git(1) vulnerability. (Let this be the reminder you need to always use -- to mark positional arguments, especially when executing user input.) I also wanted to make the jump towards Alpine 3.17, now that the upstream project has opened support for that release.

As always, migrating Alpine instances is a flawless experience.

I had momentarily thought it would be a good idea to update the PostgreSQL cluster backing the instance. Luckily I came to my senses not long after. I should look into this eventually though.

I have put dozens of hours into my Wiki these last several weeks. Articles about programs now consistently refer to them with the man page section (i.e. awk(1)). Additionally, ‘See also’ sections have been added with links to {Arch,{Free,Open}BSD} man pages, reference documents, and other Wikis.

I standardized all of my articles about SAS, SPSS, and Stata. I’m starting to stub out articles for R based on them.

I’ve made significant headway with populating my Wiki articles about shell, bash, Docker, Podman, and python. The last one in particular has much work left. Once that is complete, I’ll look towards JavaScript and Node, since there’s so much overlap there. I also consistently need to lookup the references for quick-and-dirty web programming, so I think it will be a solid investment of time.

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