This is the personal website of Dominic Ricottone. You can find my CV, code repositories, and other personal work here.

You can also find me on GitHub, GitLab, SourceHut, BitBucket, and LinkedIn.

These are my three most recent blog posts. More posts can be found on the 'Blog' tab.

I occasionally post on Bluesky, mostly about concerts and music.

Here's my most listened to music from the last 30 days. See more on LastFM

  1. ARIA by MiMi
  2. Credits Song For My Death by Curruff
  3. Miku by Anamanaguchi
  4. Wild Guess by Everything Everything
  5. A3 S28 by RAC

Articles from the internet that I've been reading

  • Does A Software Engineer Have Scorpion Nature?

    I. A scorpion wants to sell some software but cannot code, so it asks a frog to write the application. The frog hesitates, afraid that the scorpion might start running Scrum, but the scorpion promises not to, pointing out that they would both be out of wor…

    via Ludicity

    April 8, 2024

  • My Maintenance Policy

    A short document describing how I maintain open source projects. It talks about how I prefer issues to PRs, how I work in batches, and how I'm trigger-happy with bans. It's all about setting expectations.

    via Filippo Valsorda

    April 6, 2024

  • I created a monster

    I guess it’s not a surprise, but I just don’t enjoy writing very much. I do, however, recognize its importance, so I always want to try. And sometimes, there is just this weird set of circumstances that kicks everything back into motion. _Djot One feeling that…

    via blogfehler!

    April 5, 2024

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